Babies Bloom Baby Nail Care Set (Sandal Shape)

Baby nail care Set

Nail Care / July 31, 2016

New born babies tend to have long, fast-growing nails, and you may worry that your baby will scratch his/her face with them. We at bring to you variety of nail groomers for u to choose from, go ahead and make your choice.

Nail clippers and scissors sets meet your baby's grooming needs. Scissors come with safe rounded blade tips while the clipper is perfectly sized for cutting baby's nails safely. Clippers come with a provision to place the thumb for ease of use as do the scissors to avoid slippage. Fingernail scissors are designed to make grooming your toddler's nails easier. Nail clipping is a task for both be it babies and the parent, to ease this issue we at bring to you variety of nail groomers for you to choose from. Go ahead and make your choice. Many models of nail clippers and nail care scissors available at Amazon India that feature an anti-skid technology.

Nail clippers with magnifying glass are also available from many brands to choose from. These nail clippers are designed specifically for the elderly, the older people who want to spend some time with their grandchildren, as they see things blurred, and a magnifying glass on this nail clipper is very easy to solve this problem as it prevents tearing and accidental scratching of the babies nails. These nail clippers are made by using imported stainless steel. These magnified nail clippers help to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain while trimming babies nails.

The baby nail trimmers have rounded corners which prevent unnecessary injury and harm to baby's tender skin when you trim the corner of baby's nail. Small blades are ideal for trimming baby's small nails safely.

Baby nail clippers are specially designed to cutting the nails of the babies. It provides the most convenient and safe way to cut babies nails without harming them. It has enough security. Nail Clippers baby Anti-Skid comes with an anti-skid design that will keep the clipper firmly in your hand without slipping. They are designed to cut babies delicate nails gently and precisely without pulling.

Clean your baby’s nails following these steps

To clean nails, these baby nail clippers and nail cutting scissors must be wiped with a mild antiseptic. It will keep your baby free of skin rashes. To remove cut nails, most models allow you to turn the clipper upside down or slide the store case.

It gets tougher for parents with cranky kids. We bring newer versions of nail clipper, which can be used while the baby is fast asleep. Some brands also provide you with baby nail clippers with built –in LED light, which illuminate tiny nails for tear-free clipping so you can confidently and accurately clip without waking your baby. A Non-replaceable battery is included in these types of nail clippers.

Shopping at carries a wide selection of nail groomers for babies from various Indian brands to help you meet the hygiene of your little one. Shop online at and enjoy convenient electronic payments and cash on delivery, easy returns, and the unmatched customer service. Go through our available products and buy online.