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Nail Care Tips / August 15, 2016

2922 Glen Drive
Suite 117
Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P5
(604) 464-2200

I really enjoy my nail experiences at Tips. Rose makes the customers feel very welcome. She is very professional, understands your concerns and actually gives you what you ask for, unlike most salons. I love my nails and her pedicures are amazing! She gets all the dry/dead skin off, she's very thorough. I highly recommend tips!

I came here because my normal place was booked. Manicure was average, but the atmosphere was not friendly. I originally had a junior person start my nails she was nice, but then who ever was in charge took over and moved her elsewhere. I found this women to be bossy and had watched her with the previous client and pretty much ignored the women who tried talking to her. Whole process was very rushed. It was essentially just a polish application.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to this place! The service is always the best and the ladies are always providing the best quality services, my favourite ladies are Amy and Rose! I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES TO ANYONE!

After some emotionally draining conversations, I went for lunch and stumbled upon the Tips Nail salon. My eyebrows were bothering me (my skin is sensitive and my own eyebrow hair can irritate it) so I went in. I asked for an eyebrow wax and the girls started to giggle (perhaps because I'm a guy). I was too drained to say anything. The waxing went well and she charged me $15. As I was paying I sensed something off by her body language: as if she were hiding something. As I was leaving I saw their own sign saying "Eyebrows $10". I'm sad that $5 was the price of her integrity. Perhaps she will hustle more customers enough so that it will be worth it for her.

I love Tips Beauty Nails. Rose is the best. She's very detailed and gives you exactly what you want done. I got my grad and birthday nails done by Rose. Everyone is friendly and welcome.

Meh, I came here for a basic manicure because it was affordable, it's close to home and I wanted my nails done for the holidays. The technician was friendly but one of my cuticles were cut and wouldn't stop bleeding which freaked me out. I was told to wash my hands after and it still wouldn't stop bleeding til she put something that stung so badly on my finger, she kept saying sorry and did engage in conversation so I think she felt a bit badly so I didn't really know how to react. I had my nails dry under the dryer and she checked to see if it was okay for me to leave since it was dry but the polish got a bit dented so I asked her to put on a top coat but she said "pay first" and I will put it on which was awkward but I think it's because she was busy setting up the pedicure bath for another client. She then put the top coat on and then apologized again. I guess it depends on the technician and maybe you get what you pay for. I just don't want my cuticles to bleed again.

Honestly, out of the several nail salons I've been to this is the only one I would recommend to others and go back to. They took the time to make sure every single nail was absolutely perfect before proceeding to the next step - did it take longer than the 45 minutes I'm used to? Yes, of course.. But if you care about what your nails look like are a perfectionist like myself, you won't mind either. Amazing salon, exceptional prices. I'll be back.

I have to say, out of all the nail salons I have been to, this one is by far the best. Every one of the employees are so friendly. I would suggest making an appointment before going as they can get pretty busy. Their prices are less than any location I have been to so far. So reasonable!! $45 for a mani AND pedi.. I had my nails done by Rose who did an amazing job. Usually you can nit pick things wrong with them once they are done but not this time! I am so impressed. They offer a range of services from nails to waxing and eyelash extensions. All at very competitive prices. I highly recommend this location to anybody looking to get their nails done or have services done. You will not be disappointed. Definitely my best and most positive experience getting my nails done.

The staff are nice, the selection of nail polish brands is very limited and their work is mediocre.

I think it's very hit or miss here depending on which technician you get. I came here for a while and they did a decent job on my acrylics and were one of the cheaper places to get a fill but the last two times I came here I had horrible experiences. She put the acrylic on so thick and lumpy and they weren't filed down evenly, they were crooked looking and way too long. They just looked super cheap and tacky and bothered me so much that I went to professional in the mall right after to have them fixed, I feel silly for being so nice and not complaining and still paying for the set as they really were bad. She also used the drill and made my nails so thin and burned the skin along my cuticles, I bled in two places and she blamed it on my skin being too thin lol. I won't be back anytime soon. My advice is that if you find someone good here then remember their name and make appointments only with them.

Source: www.yelp.ca