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Strong Nails / February 27, 2024

In the fastener marketplace, Simpson Strong-Tie stands apart from the rest. Quality and reliability is our top priority. That’s why we hire PhDs, metallurgists, materials engineers, and structural engineers to create the best possible fasteners. And why each production run goes through rigorous testing to ensure our products can handle higher loads, resist corrosion, and make installation more efficient.

New Fastening Systems Catalog

Comprehensive information for our Fastening Systems line of screws and nails, collated nails and staples, collated screws, and Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems.

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Fastener Finder

Quickly search our wide array of fasteners to find exactly what you need. Search by multiple criteria, such as application, type and model number. Explore our extensive product line in seconds.

Use It Now

SDWH Timber Hex HDG screw

The SDWH Timber-Hex HDG screw has an oversized integral washer with nibs to aid in embedment and a patented SawTooth™ point that makes for fast installations.

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