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Nail Care / August 10, 2017

Brittle nails are the most common cosmetic nail concern among women. They are typically the result of excessive exposure to environmental conditions, such as water or chemicals found in nail and household cleaning products. Rarely, brittle nails can be secondary to a health issue. When onset is sudden, see your doctor to be tested for anemia or thyroid issues.

When physicians speak of brittle nails they are referring to two specific common nail conditions: onychorrhexis (longitudinal ridging that when severe can result in distal splits of the nail) and onychoschizia (horizontal layering or peeling at the nail tip). If you were to look at the nail under a microscope, the layered nail cells would look like shingles on a roof. As the cells are exposed to environmental stressors, they become dehydrated and often lift and separate. This is what you observe as peeling at the tip of the nail.


Excessive water contact is a common cause of brittle nails. As water moves in and out of the nail, it places a strain on the delicate nail cells that leads to weakening and ultimately peeling and breakage. Wearing gloves while washing dishes or doing laundry prevents additional water exposure. Gloves are also a must when working with household cleaning products. A quick shower over a long bath also helps to limit over exposure.


Nail polish remover is one of the biggest brittle nail offenders. Acetone dehydrates nails, which causes them to become more brittle. Non-acetone nail polish removers are less drying, but are usually formulated with strong solvents that dehydrate as well. For the polished-obsessed, take a polish holiday and go bare for a good 2 to 4 weeks, if not more. Zero exposure to polish remover gives nails the chance to get back in shape. If you don’t have the patience or interest to go completely bare while waiting for your nails to self repair, The Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System will immediately treat and reveal a healthy, hydrated, youthful shine. You won’t need to continually camouflage issues with polish or gels and you can take a break from the salon, chemicals, and all of that time and expense. Our polish-free nail treatment system immediately transforms the nails in 10 minutes, without the need for removal and it is chip-free.


Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol can be extremely dehydrating to nails. A safe and effective alternative is using a moisturizing cleanser or body wash in a travel dispenser. They not only give hands a thorough cleansing, but moisturize as well.

For nails that are extremely brittle and need additional treatment, be aware of what’s in your nail products. Any nail treatment that needs to be removed with a nail polish remover is not a treatment and will continue to dry out the nails. Those that contain Formaldehyde, or any other chemical active, should be avoided as well. Look for treatments that contain naturally sourced ingredients, like the Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System. We proudly source the highest quality ingredients and are 5-free, Paraben free, and cruelty free.

Source: drdanabeauty.com