Nail Protection Oil 15ml

Nail Protection

Nail Care / October 1, 2017

Developed in collaboration with nail salons and other partners and written in non-technical language, the guide includes easy-to-use checklists with advice on:

  • Installing more effective ventilated work station
  • Proper gloves and masks
  • Safe handling of products
  • Helping workers understand product ingredients and prevent overexposure to chemicals that present potential health risks

Advantages of these safety measures:

  • Safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly workplace for employees and customers
  • Savings from adopting more efficient, waste-wise practices

Cosmetology associations and nail care products manufacturers and distributors

Are you a nail care products manufacturer or distributor? Or affiliated with a cosmetology association? If so, you can help educate salons about the latest developments in salon health and safety issues by:

  • Providing information on products that could be used in salons that would not be harmful to the health of nail workers;
  • Translating product labels or Safety Data Sheets into Vietnamese, Korean, or other languages as needed by your customers;
  • Designing new product labeling to increase awareness of proper handling and disposal.

State cosmetology boards, health, environmental government agencies at all levels

You can help to educate nail salon workers about health and environmental risks in their shops. Moreover, you can develop or revise policies and regulations that will encourage cleaner and safer practices in nail salons where workers and customers are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

Cosmetology schools

The Practical Guide to Protecting the Health of Nail Salon Workers will assist cosmetology schools in training the next generation of salon owners and technicians in state-of-the-art practices for worker health and safety. In addition, many of the practices promoted by the partnership will also result in waste minimization and reduced cost.

Salon customers

Do you know what environmental health and safety practices are in place at your salon? The general public can obtain important information from this site to further educate themselves and their salons about safer and better shop practices.

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