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Pedicure Services

Pedicure / January 13, 2023

You can be sure that our technicians are highly experienced, follow the highest level of spa sanitation and give you a memoriable experience. You will receive a relaxing hand massage and your nails are polished to finish the look with your choice of Vinylux, Essie or OPI polishes. At A Signature Day Spa there is never an extra charge for french manicures.

Shellac Nails $35

"A break through in nail technology like nothing I have ever seen in my 28 years as a nail tech, " says Deanna, A Signature Day Spa nail technician. Shellac nails applies like a polish, but has the shine, mirror finish and zero dry time like a gel nail. "I have seen minimal damage to the natural nail. They come off in the time it takes for you to receive a back and shoulder rub, a "Signature" treatment at A Signature Day Spa. For optimal results, a maintenance visit every two weeks is encouraged.

Signature Soft Hands Manicure
Warm touch reflects your inner glow. Warm your hands and heart with this manicure created specially for dry, chapped skin. It's extremely soothing and moisturizing to tired overworked hands. It's excellent for softening and grooming the cuticles. Widely used in the medical field, paraffin has gained popularity for relieving arthritic joint pain and muscular stiffness.

Teenyluxe Manicure

A manicure for your little one, 10 or younger.

Color Change $10

Refresh your nails with the best polishes in the industry... Essie ~ OPI ~ Vinylux

Shellac Removal $15
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Classic Spa Pedicure $50
Treat your feet to our 'Signature' pedicure. Begin relaxing your feet in an aromatherapy whirlpool soak that begins your sense of well being. Well rested and cared for feet are a source of well being and relief which should not be neglected. After soaking, our technician cuts and shapes your toes nails. We care for your cuticles, then remove tough dry, dead skin. Your legs and feet are exfoliated, then deeply moisturized with a hydrating masque. Let us continue this experience with a massage that stimulates and softens tired, stressed feet while you ask yourself, "why has it been so long?' Finish with your choice of Essie or OPI polishes.

Flip Flop Feet Pedicure $75

A Signature Day Spa is proud to now offer the most efficient and effective callus removal treatment. The new system is a safe blade-free procedure with astonishing results. This callus removal system will leave your feet fresh, smooth and callus free ready for a flip flop season.

Signature Soft Feet Pedicure $65
Add a dip in Aromatherapy Paraffin for your hands and feet. The paraffin will help soften heels while making hands
look soft and youthful. A Vermont favorite!

Teenyluxe Pedicure
A pedicure for your little one, 10 or younger

Reflexology 30min $40 ~ 50min $75

This healing journey for your feet begins with warming compresses to enliven the nerves and skin, and to stir the soft tissues. Then we perform a multitude of strokes, thumb-walking, and pressure points to explore and balance the reflex map of your hardworking, little appreciated, sometimes neglected, wondrous and divine feet.

Express Pedicure
For those of you on the run. This pedicure is for you. Toes are clipped, buffed, cuticles pushed back and calluses removed.
Followed by a massage and polish.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath $40 ~ Series of 10 for $250

Due to environmental factors, processed foods, pathogens, and outdoor contaminants, our bodies and immune systems are constantly bombarded with free radicals, chemicals, and poisons that can be safely removed with our Ionic Detox Foot Bath. After just one session you will see an increase in your overall vitality.

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